Reading The Watchmen

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Watchmen Who makes sure the poll workers counted correctly? Who makes sure the leader of the United States is not a puppet for a big organization running the country? Who…? Reading the Watchmen this idea was apparent throughout the novel, Characters like Rorschach and Nite Owl have to break the rules in order to preserve order. So my question or topic to discuss is if Watchmen occurred today what actions would ensue? Fact- 232 media executives control the information diet of 277 million Americans which means that 1 media executive to 850,000 subscribers. I will analyze and dig to the depths of major corporations and outlets such as Time Warner, Disney, College Sports, that monopolize America today. Time Warner Company has tabs on a prodigious…show more content…
The Ncaa is the organization that grants roughly 138,00 scholarships yearly, that sounds like a lot but in reality there are more than 1 million high school students playing football but only 19,500 football scholarships. Only 4 categories of sports get full ride while most scholarships are $10,400. Students who have no money but have to practice weekly can’t afford a job, so they go home hungry, tired and busy having to study for their classes. The Ncca, the colossal super organization that runs college sports claims that they are treating their students with the utmost respect and claim that their athletes have enough to live a well managed life but in reality students are treated as they are peasants who work daily with little money at all. You may find yourself asking how come the coaches or other sponsors chip in a little money to provide support to those players struggling to meet ends? This is because the NCAA says that giving money out and feeding a child is illegal and the program will get fined and punished. The NCAA has also been bashed about it’s merchandise use and player usage. The NCAA banned the popular NCAA Football 15 video game due to, too much image and recognition of players. Overall, the Watchmen provides questions that still relate today, this essay pertains to who monitors the top dogs to make sure they are not completing elicit activities. Watchmen has aspects that avoid typical superhero behavior and generalizations which makes the novel stand above the rest. Adding human elements makes this novel a must read in my
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