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We all start out learning the building blocks of reading and writing in school, with the goal of all being at the same level by high school graduation, but for many of us this is not true. Many people face obstacles throughout their time of being in school. This was true in my case. My experience learning to read and write has been an up and down roller coaster since kindergarten. My reading and writing skills have developed from learning my ABC’s to being able to construct a full essay. Throughout time, I have developed many concepts that have helped to enhance and also hindered the development of my reading and writing skills including the influence of my mother, my teachers, and the desire to teach myself.
As a young child reading and writing was the least of my worries. I was more concerned about what kind of mischievous things I could do. With a lot of time and patience my mother taught me my ABC’s, then before I knew it I was a kindergartener. My mom also displayed a lot of patience with me by teaching me how to write my own name. I was obviously not a professional writer starting out, but with my mother’s confidence in me, I felt like one. My writing experience really began in kindergarten. As a kindergartener, we were given papers with one letter of the alphabet on it at a time to trace to become familiar with the letters. Then it slowly progressed into multiple letters at a time that spelled simple words like dog, hat, bag, and cat.
As I progressed in school, so
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