Congestive Heart Failure Case Study Essay

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Purpose The purpose of the study was to test whether a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of congestive heart failure could reduce the rates of readmission in elderly patients. The study focused on elderly patients because these patients have an increased risk of readmission. This increased risk of readmission is associated with factors such as social isolation and non compliance with dietary and medical prescriptions. Method The study screened patients who were admitted to the Jewish Hospital which is located in the Washington University Medical Center. All the patients who were screened for the study were 70 years or older. The methods used for diagnosis of heart failure involved individuals who exhibited typical signs of heart failure and were responsive to diuress. Radiography for pulmonary congestion was also used. Additionally, patients with heart failure who had either prior history, or congestive heart failure as a result of uncontrolled hypertension or myocardial infraction, or had been readmitted more than four times in the past were eligible. Patients who were excluded from the study were those who refused to participate, resided outside the study area, had short anticipated survival periods, planned to stay at long term care facilities or suffered from serious psychiatric conditions. Importance…show more content…
Prior to the study there were few conducted on the importance of post acute care in reducing rates of readmission in patients with congestive heart failure. The results from the study provide solid evidence that post acute care is instrumental in reducing the rates of readmission. Moreover, post acute care as contrasted with other approaches, such as the use of vasodilators, significantly reduce health care costs. The focus on high risk population and the use of a multidisciplinary approach provided additional support for the success of the

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