Ready Made Garment Case Study

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The research is undertaken as a partial fulfillment of the course Business research under the guidelines and directions of course instructor Mrs. Laila Habib. This is researcher’s pleasure to work in this field. Bangladesh is one of agro base country. Till now it’s depends on agriculture. However in now there is another emerging sector in our country this is Ready Made Garments (RMG). It is the largest earner of foreign currency. Since 1970 readymade garment started in Dhaka at Kamalapur like small tailoring shop. The readymade garments sector has increase an exponential growth since 1980s.This sector made significance contribution to the GDP4. Around 4.2 million women worker are working in this sector whose are come from low income family to survive their social and economic status. In the 1980s, there were just 50
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In 2007 it earned $9.35 billion. This territory moreover contributes around 13 percent to the GDP, which was simply around 3 percent in 1991. Of the assessed 4.2 million individuals utilized in this segment, around 50 percent of them are ladies from provincial regions. In 2000, the industry comprising of somewhere in the range of 3000 processing plants utilized specifically in excess of 1.5 million laborers of whom just about 80% were female.USA is the largest importer of importer of Bangladeshi RMG products, followed by Germany, UK, France and other E.U countries. A large number of women work in readymade garment industries, the source of 70 percent of Bangladesh’s foreign exchange. Significant numbers of women work as government worker. Their contributions play a significant role of our country economic condition and fill up gender equity. Their exercises, thus, contribute change of normal esteems sexual orientation parts of Bangladeshi ladies .The present examination on Health and Safety of Women Garment laborers is an unobtrusive push to indicate how wellbeing and security of article of clothing specialists could be
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