Reagan Fall One Acts: Play Analysis

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On October 24, 2015 I traveled to Ronald Reagan High School to see the Reagan Fall One Acts with my dad. The Reagan Fall One Acts were composed of two marvelously written and directed major plays called, Not an Instant directed by, Kris Puddicombe; written by Anne Liners, War of the Nerds directed by, Nic Onorato; written by Gonzalo Nieto, and three short performances called, Hiraeth, It’s Not a Joke, and In and Out all performed by very talented IB theatre students. There were various aspects of the plays that I found particularly interesting such as, the acting, the lighting, and the costumes. The actors immensely entertained me, there were a few improvements they could have made, but overall, they did a marvelous job and I would definitely…show more content…
Each actor was worthy of commendation, but the ones that really stood out for me were Kyle Radomski (Frederick) from Not an Instant, they ensemble from Not an Instant, Lauren Beal (Hobbit) from War of the Nerds, Jesse Lago from Hiraeth, and Gonzalo Nieto from It’s Not a Joke. The reason why I enjoyed Kyle Radomski ’s (Frederick's) acting is because his tone of voice really complimented his character, he had a very suave voice and it made his character genuine. The ensemble in Not an Instant did a really good job at being discreet onstage and doing cartwheels and spins, they added a special touch to the theme of the play. I was also very impressed with Lauren Beal (Hobbit), because she was a very unique, sassy, and comedic character, she portrayed her character very well. Jesse Lago was part of a mini play called Hiraeth, his character stood out to me because he had to do a number of dance moves and I know that I’d be very nervous to do that so I was pretty amazed at seeing him and his partner do dance moves, they did an amazing job telling a story without any real use of dialogue. Gonzalo Nieto was definitely was one of my favorites, he was in another mini play called, It’s Not a Joke and he played the other half of a character that had a split personality, he did a very spontaneous job and I really enjoyed seeing his radiant personality on stage. The entire cast was…show more content…
The costumes that fascinated me the most were the ones used in War of the Nerds and In and Out. I found the costumes in War of the Nerds to be innovative and comical especially the lightsabers, wookiee, dwarf, and hobbit costumes, they added a lighthearted touch to the play. The costumes and lighting in the play, In and Out appended to the overall theme of the play, the schoolgirl costume made the audience acquire knowledge of who the actress was trying to be and the red lighting gave the audience a chilling feel. Mr. Onorato, Mr. Murphy, and anyone else that helped develop these plays did an extraordinary

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