Reagan Leadership Qualities

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Throughout history there has been an extensive number of amazing leaders, not only in The United States, but around the world. There are many different types of government and each requires a different type of leader. One might ask, what constitutes a world leader? Well, a world leader, by definition, is “someone who is the leader of a country, especially an economically powerful country” (Advanced English Dictionary). Although this definition is technically correct, leaders are not just someone in charge of a country, they are a person who has specific qualities that have helped to improve their country. These qualities make them a strong, influential person and a powerful leader. A leader’s ability to be effective lies within their ability…show more content…
The citizens must be able to trust that their leader will do what is in their best interest as a country. Ronald Reagan is the greatest world leader because he shows the country’s strength, communicates with the public, and puts the needs of the country as a whole first.
Strength is an imperative quality to have as a country and as a leader. Throughout his Presidency, Ronald Reagan put on display not only his strength, but the strength and power of The United States. Through his actions, the goal is to showcase that once again The United States is a noticeable world power. Preceding Presidencies to Reagan’s made the country look weak and vulnerable and there is no better example of this than during The Cold War. Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Carter believed that the best way to deal with the Cold War was through a principle known as “détente”. This basically mean that they wanted the Cold War to be resolved through attempting to create a peaceful co-existence between The Soviet Union and The United States. Another idea that these three Presidents believe in is known as containment. The theory behind containment was that the U.S. would not push the USSR out of the
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Two of the major problems facing the country during Carter’s administration are a major energy crisis and a high unemployment rate and inflation. There is not a clear and concise plan put in place by the Carter administration for either of these prominent issues. Yet another failure is the handling of the Iran hostage crisis, in which the government is consistently unsuccessful in freeing the hostages. One great example of this is a failed military mission in April of 1980 by the United States to save the American citizens being held hostage in Iran. The hostages end up being released in 1981, nearly three years after the incident began. The Iran Hostage Crisis was by far one of the largest fallbacks of the Carter Presidency. Ronald Reagan has to clean up Jimmy Carter’s mess in many ways, just one of these being the economic troubles that were facing The United States. At this time the citizens of the United States of America need a leader who is confident and has the ability to put effective plans in place to aid in rebounding the economy and the country as a
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