Real Accountability In The Classroom

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Real accountability is taking a deeper look inside of data assuming full responsibility of your performance. It is the glue that holds together the interdependent relationship that is built on a fountain of real responsibility and real expectation. As a school leader I need to share my expectation with the staff and try to meet those expectations. With the PSE results, as a staff, we will look at the data and formulate an action plan so as to bring improvement for next year. Having real accountability, teachers can look at these data and used to produce outcomes for kids in their class.
In reading and writing skill had a drastic improvement because more emphasis is placed upon these areas. At my school many activities are done around literacy eg. Elocution contest, spelling bee, literacy day, reading week and book of the week because of these activities many of our students can write and read adequately. I believe as a staff, we need to build the numeracy data because many of our children have difficulty doing division and simple problem solving. Even though not much emphasis is not placed upon mathematics and …show more content…

The Culture of inquiry in my school is art integration. Using this cross disciplinary teaching strategy, we asked students to observe, be curious, and ask questions as they engage in the four artistic processes: create, present, respond, and connect. For example “We start asking questions about the main ideas, then generate cross-discipline questions, investigate changes over time, and examine the topic from different perspectives. Students then step into a painting or drawing and see layers of information beneath the surface. Then students apply this inquiry process to help plan, make, and present their original artwork that documents insights they have

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