Real Events In My Childhood

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History based on real events in my childhood

It all started when I was little, many years ago, when I was born I started to have an imaginary friend called 'Clarita', I used to bring her everywhere, only me and my brother could see her,I would carry her everywhere, every time I was eating I liked that they put a dish to her too and I did not like anyone sitting in the place where I said she was, in my house the rooms are facing each other and whenever I was playing my brother told my mom to close the door of my room because he saw Clarita playing with me, my mother took care of it, she didn’t want to scare him, but she did not see anything, later my brothers were asleep, one in my mom's room and the other one in his room, and that's when
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And my mom said that both they were asleep and my aunt was frightened but she preferred to think that it was only her imagination, another time my brother was at home, he had missed school because he felt bad, so he stayed alone at home, when suddenly he was hungry and wanted to go to the kitchen, as he passed my door the lamps and spotlights and television in my room were on, he thought that I also had missed school he got angry and went to tell me to turn off what I did not use because I was wasting the light, but there was no one, he was not frightened because he thought it was a short of the light so I ignore it, when he closes the door of my room, he turned again to turn everything on, but he ignored it again thinking it was a short of the light , but then loud sounds were heard in the kitchen, then he went to the kitchen and found pans and forks and spoons thrown with many more things, the now frightened called mom but my mother just told him that nothing happened and to pick up the mess, then I was in my room and my brother came and saw me playing with a roll of paper and he told me what I was doing and I told him that I was playing with clarita and I told him that I said to clarita to throw the roll of
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