A Raisin In The Sun Identity Analysis

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Beneatha Younger struggles to find her real identity throughout the whole play, “A Raisin in the Sun.” She strives to become a doctor despite being a women. Throughout the whole play she tries out a handful of hobbies that she takes up during the play. She tries out horse riding and then she wants to learn to play the guitar. Beneatha talks about how she is experimenting with many hobbies to find her identity. Ruth and her are having a conversation about how she bought a 50 dollar horse-riding club habit that she has yet to use. Beneatha says, “ I experiment with different forms of expression!” (Hansberry 48). Mama and Ruth support her, but she is being held back by money, race, and education. Beneatha doesn’t have to money to go out and try…show more content…
Mama doesn’t know what she wants to do with the money, but she does know one thing for sure, that the family needs to move out of the cramped unit because the family is starting to fall apart. They are constantly fighting and Walter is always drinking so that when he gets home he won’t be angry and he drinks to forget the pain of what is going on back at home. Mama sees that Walter and Ruth’s marriage is falling apart, that Travis needs his own space and that he needs his own bed instead of sleeping on the couch, that Beneatha is tired of being in a space that is suffocating. Mama and her husband said that when they got married that they wanted to move out of the unit and get a house of their own but then when they had kids they didn’t have to money to move out a get a house. She saw that it was tearing him apart. Mama just wants her family to be happy and not be fighting all the time and when she finds out the Ruth is expecting another baby she knows that they need to get a house soon. When the check comes she knows that everyone is going to fight over it so she goes into town and buys a house so that they could all have their own place to live and not all be cramped together. When she gets back to the unit Walter asks her where she's been and she turns to Travis and says, “She went out and she bought you a
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