Real Life Endings In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men had a tragic, real-life ending. These real-life endings are preferable to

me because they give a book a sense of realism. In addition, they give a book an unexpected

ending which leaves the reader on somewhat of a cliff-hanger note. Of Mice and Men left readers

on somewhat of a cliff-hanger note because George and Lennie’s prospects of owning a ranch

were ruined by the events that occurred during the last two chapters. Furthermore, real-life

endings help in building the theme of a book. Without real-life endings, it would be harder for a

book to have a theme. For example, if Aesop’s The Tortoise and Hare ended with the hare

winning, then the story wouldn’t really have a theme. As a result of these reasons, real-life
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