Real Life Events In The Invisible Gorilla

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In the novel The Invisible Gorilla by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons, Chabris and Simons disproves the way we think our mind works. The book helped inform me on how our intuiton can deceive us and make us react in ways that we would never think possible. By the use of real life events and the events that took place after, The Invisible Gorilla changed my perspective on how I see the events that occur in my life today. The Invisible Gorilla begins with a story about a cop who gets beat up by fellow cops thinking he was the suspect, and Conley, another cop, completely bypassing the scene to find the suspect and later gets time in jail. There was debate over Conley’s actions, but he was so focused on his job he completely bypassed the scene. This event made me realize how one’s attention can be diverted towards something else and how you might not even notice something right in front of you. This even made the book even better and helped me understand my surroundings and what I pay attention too. The Invisible Gorilla also explores the problems with how we think our memory, confidence, knowledge, causes, and potentials are, but then disproves them again. The issue that stands…show more content…
This quote was meaningful to me because this quote can relate to my life and how when you focus your attention on one specific thing, you tend to spend less attention on others. In my life, spending more time on my favorite sport will improve my skills but lessen my attention to another area of my life like school or socially, but not paying attention to others socially can also impact your life as well. A goof balance is needed, but this quote is proving how what you pay attention to is more prominent within our life and we tend to ignore and pay less attention to other

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