Setting Of Time And Place Analysis

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Setting of time and place The story takes place in London, where Will, Marcus, Fiona and Ellie live. The story takes place from 1993 until 1994 , considering the book tells a story which starts at the beginning of a school year, while the novel ends in April 1994 (mentioned in the book) when Kurt Cobain dies. Social setting Will Freeman is rich because of his father, that’s why he doesn’t have to work. Most of his time he spends smoking, watching TV, listening to music and looking for temporary girlfriends. Marcus is a bullied schoolboy and lives with his suicidal mother, Fiona. His environment is strained, because he has lots of problems with himself and his mother. The differences between Will and Marcus are relevant to understand the story. In real life you also have to deal with topics like suicide, bullied people and differences between rich and poor. Point of view The point of view is the third person and the…show more content…
Will is getting interested in a single mother, as a girlfriend. Climax One day Marcus and his mother meet Will at a single parents group and they get to know each other. At “dead duck day” Marcus and Will discover that his mother has tried to kill herself. From that moment on Will starts to visit Marcus more and more. Falling action Marcus wants that Will falls in love with his mother, so the suicidal problems of Marcus’s mom will be solved. However, Will is not interested in her. One day, Will becomes worried about Marcus’s situation at school. That’s why he buys new shoes and clothes for him. Marcus realizes that Will is able to help him with his problems at school and Will learns how to help other people, like Marcus and Fiona. Conclusion Marcus gets new friends and also a girl friend named Ellie. The suicidal problems of Marcus’s mom become less and Will falls in love with a single mother at new year’s eve. Author’s attitude and use of
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