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With the development of film industry, it has recently become an extremely popular media to gather the audience. The film industry not only produces movies which has a good quality,but also arouses people think about the connotation of movie. Real steel is the one of the most popular movies because of it takes robot boxing as its main line, and combines the father and son emotion to give people visual and mental impact. Real steel is worth watching.
The story of this film is full of fighting spirit and passion. First is about the social context, "Real steel" was replaced by the robot in the near future human boxer. Despite the small robot fighting game is popular on TV, in the "real steel", these robots are tall, with clever step and unconditioned
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The connotations of the movie are so positive and thought-provoking. There are two kinds of connotations, first connotation is about confidence and persistence are the power to overcome all things. From the beginning, Charlie lost faith in his boxing, and then meet her son. Ebert (2011) shows that in a "zombie dump", his son found a ancient training robot named “ATOM”, which was covered in mud. He persuaded his father and the relique still has combat potential. Surprisingly, it is not completely rust, father and son to repair it and teach it some new skills. According to Rapp (2011) said that “ As you might guess things don’t go smoothly at first, inside or outside the ring”. Nevertheless, they still fling caution to the winds to fight. Finally they took part in the robot competition. Their robot “ATOM” became the people's heroes, and won the audience's approval. Because of their persistence and confidence, they will be able to own the honour. Second connotation is about Charlie built up an unbreakable emotion with his son, they start from the strange, indifferent and finally become the relationship of cooperation. In the whole movie, Charlie was a failure. But in his son's encouragement and his own desire, he stand up again, became a outstanding boxing coach and a real father. at first, Charlie went to the game for money, and later for his son
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