The Use Of Interaction In A Virtual Environment

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Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create effect of an interactive 3D world in which the objects have a sense of spatial presence. The primary difference between conventional 3D computer graphics and Virtual Reality is that in Virtual Reality we are working with things instead of pictures of things. Interaction is an essential characteristic of virtual environments. Much has been published about interaction techniques in VR but the searching for truly intuitive and natural interaction techniques is still going on. Interaction between users and virtual environments is complex. Users must be able to navigate through 3D space, manipulate with virtual objects or control parameters of a simulation and interact with
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4.0 Ver. 4.0
3D Studio Max 2013 2013
Photoshop CS5 CS5

Interaction between the objects in our model gives a sense of reality in virtual environment. In this case it relates to the interaction of the shadows of objects and their movement in real time. With every movement of the objects in the sport hall such as the movement of the ball, the shadows move together with the ball under physical laws. The movement is in real time so that the user feels comfortable and real in a virtual environment. It is shown in the following figure.

Figure 4. Real time simulation in virtual environment

Interactions with the environment are an important characteristic of the virtual world that captures the user's view of the virtual environment. It relates to the falling of sunlight on the objects in the virtual environment and their behavior or motion of their shadows depending on the light source. Also by reducing the intensity of light energy decline the strength of the shadows. By moving the light source from east to west, movement of shadows of the objects in the sports hall and its surroundings are moving opposite of the light source. The external light enters through the hall windows, but also is strengthened with two spotlights which were added in the hall
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If the application displays min. 10 frames per second it is considered that it is in real time. The models presented in this paper displayed 25 frames per second. In extreme situations, it can speed up to 60 frames per second. This means that the user feels comfortable in our virtual environment. From the comparison on different computer systems is conducted that working in virtual environment in real-time, computer system should have min. 1GB RAM and a solid graphics card that supports DirectX 9. Graphical cards that we used in testing were good and with solid performance that had no problems. CPU speed should be at least 1GHz but our systems were stronger than that. Due to the high speed of rendering in some cases it have effect of motion

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