Realism Approach To Globalization

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Globalization is the economic and social interaction between states. Realism is an ideology in international relations that believes power is a key element that all states are searching for.
Realism can be used to explain globalization. 2.0 ABSTRACT:
Globalization has various definitions depending on different perspectives. Idealists and liberalists view it as the improvement in the economy as a result of trade restrictions being reduced and more capital movements, investments and people across borders.
The Marxists see globalization as way of spreading capitalism and finding ways to oppress the economy of the third world countries. (Baylis, 2008). They also believe that globalization will lead to more suspicion and
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There are basic assumptions of the realism paradigm, (Viotti and Kauppi 1999) which is as follows:
In realism, the states are the main actors. They are sovereign meaning that there is no other actor above the state that can make it act in a certain way. According to Baylis, 2014, even the non-state actors have to find ways that fit the states’ laws in order to go on with its activities.
Realism believes that human beings are generally selfish in nature. Just as human beings, the states are also selfish. They behave in a self- interested manner and always put themselves first. States will develop themselves first before helping other states develop themselves.
National interest is the sole motivation for a state. All states are forced to protect their identity from being eroded by another state. This is because national interests promises national survival.
According to Hans Morgenthau, the political leaders who head sovereign states believe that power is the key to understanding the motivation of a state and the behaviour of the international system. (Morganthau,
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As one states gains more and more power, the other states will feel threatened and in turn, strive hard to increase their own power (Schneider,1997).
Globalization does not dismiss the importance of states resorting to use of force so as to gain more power.

• Anarchy:
The absence of an international government system could be responsible for the outcomes of the international politics today. When a ruling system lacks in the international sphere, it gives rise to anarchy and insecurity. It is up to each individual state to struggle and fight for its own survival. This makes it decide its interests and ways of achieving power. Anarchy, therefore leads to a point whereby power plays a big role when shaping the relations between the states.
Realists describe anarchy as an outstanding feature in international relations. Globalization questions the separation of the international relations and the domestic relations which threatens the centrality of this main concept.

Globalization is able to exist in political systems. The interactions between states may intensify with more trading activities between states and various investments from different
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