Realism In A Streetcar Named Desire

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A naturalist ideology can be interpreted in different ways and many try to figure out how to define it precisely. But it is usually defined as an idea that everything in the world, both what exists and what happens, can be explained through the mechanism of cause and effect and from the relationships between humans from their surroundings. Starting back in the late nineteenth century, it was shown through literature, film, art, and theater. It was shown more in literature and was known to show a type of extreme realism. This movement focused on the roles of family, social conditions, and an environment in shaping a human character. This is why there are many stories that were written around that time that focused on the idea of how the environment or natural forces affect and how it controls human character. Which is why “A Streetcar Named Desire” is a great example of a Naturalist ideology. Many different kinds of situations in the story make the protagonist Blanche DuBois take drastic changes in her life and make her act a certain way. Which ultimately end up affecting her in a very negative way showing how surroundings and events can affect a person and their relationships with others. It all started with Blanche Dubois, a fallen and hopeless woman in society’s eyes. Losing her husband to suicide and her families fortune and estate, making her a social outcast due to her imprudent sexual behavior and many other flaws. One of her flaws being that she has a very bad
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