Realism In Babel

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“Babel” is a movie of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s that tells stories from Morocco, America, Mexico and Japan, all connected by the thoughtless act of a child, and demonstrates how each culture works against each other to compound the repercussions. Realism is a school of thought that explains international relations in terms of power. The exercise of power by states toward each other is sometimes called realpolitik, or just power politics. And it is also related to the selfishness of the people and the states by the same time. In Babel there is a lot of exercise of power of one culture to another. The first example is when the child shoots the American tourist in the bus by accident because he wants to test the weapon in order to see if…show more content…
The American couple are unable to take care of the two children following the shooting. The nanny had been forced by all the circumstances to take prolonged care of the children, so she takes them with her to her son 's wedding in Mexico. When returning, after a night of wedding, she is arrested a border guard and an immigration officer, each one callous, disrespectful, gratuitous demeaning to the harmless middle aged nanny, and discovered to be an illegal worker, and deported to Mexico. The nanny, like the old Moroccan peasant, is powerless and therefore contemptible, subject to whatever abuse of the state representative, which are more powerful than them. Also because she is with American children and she is Mexican they want to automatically control her and they are not polite with her and the reason why she is arrested is because she was forced and obliged to take the children with her to the wedding because there were not other solutions and the parents due to the shooting were not in state and concerned of what happened at home and she just wanted to be helpful and to do not let them to anybody. When she is deported to Mexico the couple do nothing to try to help her to stay in the United-States and it is selfish because she worked for them since a very long period of time, she was really good with their children, their children really liked her and it is in a way their faults if she did that and if she is in this

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