Realism In 'Bronc To Sunset, And Yosemite Valley Sunset'?

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The art world in the early twentieth century was marked with change, and many of the artist of the time were following the shifting times. Artists of the world were moving toward abstractions and expressionism. The American artist however where focused on American Realism. American Realism focused on ordinary people and ordinary things. The shift was not felt by Charles Marion Russell or Albert Bierstadt who preferred to make Romanic Realism paintings. Further more Charles Marion Russell’s painting “Bronc to Breakfast” (1908) and - Albert Bierstadt’s “Yosemite Valley Sunset” (1865) (hereafter referred to as “Bronc” and “Sunset”) both significantly feature horses, people, and western backgrounds. Russell builds drama within his painting by using natural actions from the people within the painting as they interact with the other people and animals, where as in contrast Bierstadt builds the drama with the landscapes colors and depth of realism portrayed. Russell in Context Charles Marion Russell lived (1864/1926) where he grew up in Missouri. As a child he drew sketches and made clay animal figures. While growing up Russell had seen many fur traders and explorers go through Missouri. He wanted to work in the west, and at age 16 he moved to Montana to go to work for a sheep ranch. Working the ranch gave him the perfect perspective to see the western landscapes, and the people who worked in the west. In the winter of 1886 he was working at a cattle ranch, and they

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