Realism In Pudd Nhead Wilson

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Pudd'nhead Wilson features a lot of realism in that the book does seem like it corresponds with the time period and different cultures. This novel illustrates realism in that it shows the differences in language between cultures, it shows the societal views of the time, and it shows the education of the time. First, realism is illustrated in the differences in language and slang between the characters in the novel. Roxy at one point says, "No, dolling mammy ain't gwine to treat you so. De angels is gwine to 'mire you jist as much as dey does yo' mammy. Ain't gwine to have 'em putt'n dey han's up 'fo' dey eyes en sayin' to David and Goliah en dem yuther prophets, 'Dat chile is dress' to indelicate fo' dis place.'" (Twain, 12). In this quote,…show more content…
In reaction to Wilson saying he want to kill half of a dog, the townspeople said “"I'm with you, gentlemen," said No. 6. "Perfect jackass--yes, and it ain't going too far to say he is a pudd'nhead. If he ain't a pudd'nhead,
I ain't no judge, that's all."” This shows realism because the man agrees with the rest of the town, forming a societal opinion. So, this shows realism.
Finally, the novel presents realism in that the residents of the town are less aware of technology than we are today. When Wilson shows the townspeople fingerprints and proves Chambers and Tom were switched, the people are shocked, as seen in “Stunned, distraught, unconscious of its own movement, the house half rose, as if expecting to see the murderer appear at the door, and a breeze of muttered ejaculations swept the place.” (Twain, 116). In this quote, we see that the people of the time didn't really have the technology that we have today, which is realistic and expected. Thus, it shows realism.
All in all, Pudd'nhead Wilson features realism throughout the novel. The realism is shown in language, societal beliefs, and education. If it was supposed to be at a different time period, the story wouldn't be very
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