Realism In Tagore's Short Story

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Realism aspect portrays the events that could also happen even in the real life, not only in a story. It focuses on the natural behavior of a group of people in the society. Most of Tagore stories include the way of certain of a group of people behaves. The realism is also shown when the setting is in a panorama of a society. It could be seen as an ordinary life of an ordinary person; however, there must be some sort of dramas happened in between in the life of person though he or she is not someone important in the eyes of other people in the society. Through the eyes of the ordinary people, we might also apply their dramas in our life as we can relate to the lives of the ordinary characters. If all the characters only consist of those royal families, magical fairies and so on, how do the readers who are like other normal people, can relate to their stories? Through learning about the characters in the story that comes with the realism theme might as well make us learn about ourselves at the same time. Their values shown through their actions may give us a lesson to be more optimistic in facing our own real world. Tagore is one of the realist writers who use the realism element in most of his short stories.
In the short story of “Postmaster”, we can learn that Tagore is indeed a realist writer as he expresses the main character who is the postmaster himself just like any other normal human being. He lives his ordinary life as an adult, working as a postmaster who just
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