Realism In The Dark Knight

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Nolan is a true devotee to the ‘real’ and practical elements of film. His faithfulness to creating worlds and characters based on reality engenders an insatiable appetite for his work in the palates of audiences. This is, of course, fitting since Nolan plays on every moviegoer’s deepest – often hidden in the subconscious – desire, to see himself reflected on the big screen. It is this quality of humans, to seek themselves in others, that makes Nolan’s approach thrilling for the audience. His covenant to realism only enhances this excitement and makes both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight successful. For the city of Gotham, Nolan constructs not an imaginary destination with chocolate for rivers and edible grass, but a world that is recognisable. For a hero, Nolan creates not a sovereign demigod, but a human, with flaws and limitations. For a plot he creates not a linear journey with one road leading to one place, but a maze, to entangle the audience in the story. True to the natural order of life. The thrill of the films lies in the relatability of his plot, world, characters and themes of fear and chaos. Through his flexible directorial style, use…show more content…
His use of practical effects, as seen in the truck flip and hospital demolition, enhances the technical experience of viewing the films.The shots do not appear animated as would computer generated graphics. This adds to the sheer thrill of the films as audiences are left astonished. This also helps the actors in their processes making their performances more real. An example of this being the fact that some actors were actually frightened by The Joker. Nolan’s willingness to allow actors to “do more with their characters” also adds to the excitement. When done successfully, as with the case of Heath Ledger and the character of the Joker, it adds authenticity to the traits and mannerisms of the characters which audiences love and find absolutely
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