Realism In The Film, District 9 And Avatar

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The films, district 9 and avatar are extraordinarily alike, both films are futuristic, released in 2009, intended to explore the non-real world trough alien intervention. Both films bring serious underlying messages to the surface which is a common theme In the Sci-Fi genre. Avatar directed by James Cameron portrays a Utopian society with vibrant visuals and special affects whereas on the other hand district 9 - directed by Neil Blomkamp shows us a Dystopian society which hits home as it shows us a plot much like the old Apartheid regime. Through the exploration of distinct and intrinsic filmic techniques and displays of science fictional perfection, district 9 has emerged as a more evolved film by bringing elements of realism into an essentially unrealistic concept. In the beginning of the film, District 9 we are introduced to the main character and protagonist of the film - Wikus van der Merwe. He is filmed in a documentary fashion, where it seems to be an interview - thus resulting in a realistic affect on the opening scene. Wikus appears to be frivolous and nugatory when he struggles to set up his microphone whilst speaking with a stereotypical Afrikaans apartheid accent. Wikus then mentions that he works for Multi National United (MNU) - to engage with the "Prawn" (The Alien from the film) on behalf of "MNU" and humans. The scene cuts straight into an establishing juxtaposition of the mother ship hovering of Johannesburg CBD making it look highly inferior. The

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