Realism In Willa Cather's O Pioneers !

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In the novel, “O Pioneers!”, the character Alexandra Bergson ties to the author, Willa Cather. When Cather wrote this story, she used a lot of her own characteristics to develop Alexandra. In the story, Alexandra learns that Realistic, Romantic, and Naturalistic views exist throughout everything one might go through in life, very similar to what Cather most likely experienced. Cather’s three philosophies on life go along with the topics of Realistic, Romantic, and Naturalistic. I personally think Cather had more Realistic tendencies in her writing and overall mindset. “The tendency to view or represent things as they really are,” defines the word and philosophy known as Realism. I feel like this describes Cather quite well, based on what I’ve…show more content…
When growing up, Willa wanted to become a doctor, so she became an assistant to a doctor at age 16. Doing this acts as a Romantic action because she wanted to help others. In the story, Alexandra pretty much dedicated her life to helping others. Cather wrote, “‘He shall do whatever he wants to,’ Alexandra declared warmly. ‘He is going to have a chance, a whole chance; that's what I've worked for,’” when talking about Emil’s choices in life. Also, when Cather moved to Nebraska she hated it so much. This shows that she did not just get over the fact that she had to move so she showed a romantic view because she cared that she left her original home. However, she wrote, “There is something frank and joyous and young in the open face of the country. It gives itself ungrudgingly to the moods of the season, holding nothing back,” in her novel. Both of these show how Cather included a Romantic view when writing and generally…show more content…
When Cather had to move to Nebraska, she hated it for the first year or so. This shows Naturalism because she sulked over the fact that she had to move. Likewise, in the story, Alexandra had gone through some tough times. Cather wrote, “She began to wonder whether she would not do better to finish her life alone. What was left of life seemed unimportant.” In a Naturalistic way, Alexandra has put that way of thinking onto herself. After college, Cather wanted to move out of Nebraska, so she moved to Pittsburg. This shows Naturalistic qualities because she wanted to go out and explore something different, rather than continue living with the sameness of the prairie. In the story Alexandra said, “‘We don’t move lightly and easily as you do , and our minds get stiff.’” Also she says, “‘she’s contented to live and work in a world that’s so big and interesting.” That shows Naturalism because the sameness of the world they lived in got to some people and made them want to leave and explore. In conclusion, Willa Cather’s three main philosophies, Realism, Romanticism, and Naturalism, relate to the lessons Alexandra Bergson learned in Cather’s novel, “O Pioneers!” Cather based Alexandra off of herself, making their actions and beliefs very similar. Within the story Cather included
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