Edward Hopper: Considered A Realist Painter

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Edward Hopper Edward Hopper once said, “If you could say it in words there’d be no reason to paint”(Foa 21). Edward Hopper is considered a world famous, considered a realist painter. Edward Hopper is known all throughout the world for being an exceptional painter. Hopper He is a very famous painter from the United States oOf America, and . He is also known for his oil paintings. Edward Hopper was born on July 22, 1882, in Nyack New York (Foa 6). He had a sister, Marion Hopper who was two years older than him Hopper. His grandfather, John Smith built the house he grew up in as a kid. HiIs father owned a dry goods store. Hopper spent the majority of his time as a kid reading, sailing, and drawing. When Hopper was fifteen he built a himself a sailboat for himself. By the time Hopper was twelve he was already six feet tall, due to that he was bullied at school by being called Grasshopper. Before he ever considered becoming an…show more content…
Another thing about Hopper is, words like loneliness are used to describe his paintings(Strand). Edward Hopper paints quite a bit of people in isolation. He was able to capture urban loneliness really well. He would do this by either choosing a night scene or something of that nature. Some people might not know that Edward Hopper is considered one of the leading, realist painter to ever come from the United States of America (Foa 22). While he is considered one of the best realist painters, Hopper would also would paint surrealist paintings. Sun in an Empty Room is considered one of his mostre surreal paintings that he created he painted (Foa 36). Edward Hopper once said, ”90 percent of them are forgotten ten minutes after they’re dead” (Holmes 28). What he meant by that quote is that most artists are forgotten really fast and that he did not want that to happen to him. But as it turns out he is one of the most famous artists of all time to ever come from the United States of
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