S. E. Hilton Realist Movement

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There are many modern novelists that were and still are affected by the Realist movement. One of these authors is S. E. Hilton, she wrote almost all of her novels in a Realist style. This essay will discuss her style of writing and how it affected the Realist movement.
So lets start at the beginning. The realist movement was a famous movement from 1865-1900 that featured more realistic literature. This literature really featured the real, non-sugarcoated, stories of modern day that had not been featured until this point. Some of the famous authors in this movement were William Dean Howelles, Mark Twain, and Horatio Alger Jr. These authors were only a few to start the realist literary movement in the United States. This was an impactful movement
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E. Hilton. He most famous novel being The Outsiders. This was a novel published in 1967, when S. E. Hilton was just 18 years old. This novel follows a teenager, Ponyboy that deals with the gang rivalry between the Greasers and the Socs. This story is an excellent example of Realist literature. Realist literature is the type of literature that deals with real life problems with real relatable characters, they have problems that are real and not “sugarcoated”. The Outsiders is a realistic novel because it follows the very realistic story of PonyBoy as he deals with real life problems such as gang rivalry, violence, love, and sacrifice. These all make the novel not only realist but relatable. This novel is not sugarcoated and follows real problems. It also can be compared to some original realist literature. These types of literature can include Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain and The war literature of the…show more content…
He also explores more towns to find other pilots and to see what they are doing and how they are progressing. The history of the Mississippi starts with an ignored river that was rarely used, and without much life. But within time it because one of the key elements of America and was use for trade, business, and steamboats. This could also relate back The Outsiders in that the setting of the S. E. Hilton novel was also rich in history. The land being fought over between the Greasers and Socs. This fuel was one that had been going on for years and in PonyBoys story, turns violent in many ways. Life on the Mississippi was a novel written before the Civil War and a book about traveling and going to different towns. This is Mark Twain’ s memoir about his childhood and his experiences as a steamboat pilot, braving the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans. This act of braving the world on his own was parallel to Ponyboy’s coming of age story, while also braving the world. Another similarity between these novels could be the theme of both of them, change in
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