Realist Perspective On Human Nature

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From time to time, Realism has insisted that cooperation in the system will be impossible due to states self-interest. As state as composed of man who were by nature is self-centered thus making his society focused on the personal gain rather on the absolute gain. International Treaties became International Law due to agreement of sovereign states. Yet with the explanation with accordance with the realist perspective a state will rely its own power for self-protection thus a sovereign state will act only according to their sovereignty and not act with accordance of the law. This papers aims to uphold its stand regarding that there is no international political system at present because of the following arguments: Realist perspective on Human Nature as source of conflict and Anarchy in the system as suppose to self-help.
I. Realist Perspective on Human Nature Classical Realism sees human nature as source of war and conflicts between states. As thinkers like Hobbes, Machiavelli and Morgenthau explain that is human by nature is self-centered or egoistic, these characteristics is the core of the Realist Theory. According to Stephen Krasner (1978:33) “A state can be treated as an autonomous actor pursuing goals associated with power and general interest of the society”. Ambitions of a state are for their benefit only but it will be possible with the expense of other member states. Thus this shows that state being self-interested will
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