Realist Reasons: The Causes Of The Cold War

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Based on realists argument, we can assume that the cause of The Cold War were security dilemma, arms race and balance of power. Security dilemma, arms race and balance of power are three different things but they have a connection one to another. These three things happen in a same path. These three things happen continuously and connectively. They happen because of a reason based on the issue that comes up in the international system, and most of the reason is because of the power of the states. Actually, in this case, the main cause of The Cold War was the unbeatable power that USA and USSR had at that time. Because of that unbeatable power, security dilemma, arms race and balance of power happened in the international system and as the result The Cold War happened between USA and USSR. “Neither side ever fought the other directly in a hot or “shooting war,” due to the looming threat of a nuclear war.” Back in 1945 when The Cold War started until 1980 when The Cold War ended, neither side ever used hard power or used it directly to the opposite side. The war between USA and USSR were in the arms race between them and also they were spreading ideology to other states in the world. Both of them had powerful nuclear weapon, so that was one of the reasons…show more content…
States act to preserve a balance of power in the system to prevent any one of the states from dominating all the others in the international system. If it looks like there is a state in the international system is growing in power and there is a possibility that this state can dominate the entire system and even conquer all the other states in the system, the other states will act to balance that power in an effort to achieve the equilibrium in the system. “The mechanism of the balance of power seeks to ensure equilibrium of power in which case no one state or coalition of states is in a position to dominate all the

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