Realism Art School Essay

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There are a lot of technical art schools in the world for example romantic, surrealism, abstract, experimental and realism. Every school is different from the other in terms of characteristics. One of the most important of these school is Realist school of art with features that distinguish it from other schools. The Realist school is one of the most beautiful schools of art. The Realist school represents actual events that took place and expresses happiness and sadness. Especially it reprents the ideas and lives of ordinary people. In this essay I will disuss three main idea; the definition of Realism famous Artist and famous painting of the Realism at movement.
First, Is definition of the Realism is the art school that records everything
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The most important painting cliff laterite after the storm. Courbet developed through his painting realist style as picture viewer is sincere genuine without exaggeration. Showing his works many salons which killed some of failures such as plate Womack because of rigid style free from passion reverse plate after dinner Onrnan that achieved great success. Although influenced by Courbet work of those he wanted, since its inception, to be his own style that sets it apart from the artists of his generation and those who preceded him. This manifested itself in the privacy panel entitled «funeral in the city of Oornan a large mural by artist transfer a scene notables buried his hometown. Critics have attacked the painting because the mural business in that era were often allocated historical or inspired by the ancient legends of topics while Courbet chose a scene from everyday life. If the artist's works that reflect his observations of what is happening around him that launched his fame and made him a leading realist art, the works of other unknown is that reveal the richness of experience is the most important of his paintings inspired by the landscape and form the centerpiece of the exhibition is held in Paris. Since the beginning, the artist has a special relationship with nature through his fascination for them, saying: «I am a student of nature .. beauty present in nature and Itana many and varied forms. But what we find it until it
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