Reality And Realism In Satyajit Ray

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Reality and realism, as I have explained in my introduction are words defining each other and its representation. When we use realism in a piece of work through different techniques of writing, we are projecting a mode of reality to the readers. Realism can be a part of fiction as well as non-fiction. Projecting reality as per se, in a piece of work involves imagination and fantasy. Literature cannot prevail without imagination. When words combined with thoughts, giving voice to ideas and imagination a piece of work is produced, whereas the way of portraying reality may vary. “Reality” is completely opposite of “fantasy”. One validates the other by knowing what the other veritably meant. According to Derrida, meaning helps us differentiate between what is and not? Reality according to literary critics is something that existed, exists or will exist. It can be further defined as the totality of all the things, structures actual or conceptual, events and phenomena, whether observable or not. It can be a belief or convention of collective or individual experience.
In movies and work of literature today the portrayal of reality through realism has become a common aspect. The form of art has become the mouthpiece of not only mere entertainment and knowledge, but being empathetic to society and realities of life. Satyajit Ray is one such writer, director, musician who used realism in many of his movies that he directed for

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