Reality And Reality In Macbeth

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By constructing a world brimming with facets of the supernatural, William Shakespeare distorts the standard notion of reality in Macbeth. While the foundation of reality is typically drawn from the human senses, Shakespeare deviates from this idea by imbuing characters with a reality that surpasses the tangible world. By engineering a play filled with different characters living in conflicting perceptions of what they view as real, the author imparts the idea that versions of reality fluctuate depending on the person. Through individuals’ physical actions, the supernatural, and invocation, Shakespeare relays a significant concept: the reality an individual perceives originates from their disposition and reveals the core of who they are. An individual’s physical reality revolves around visible and indisputable actions. The way that the characters choose to react to these actions reveal their true dispositions. For instance, Macbeth’s rule as king was seen by himself as a great accomplishment that was worth securing. On the contrary, the reality seen by many of Macbeth’s constituents was that Macbeth had left the country in great turmoil: “Bleed, bleed, poor country! / Great tyranny, lay thou they basis sure”. Through Macbeth’s reality of the situation, readers can gather that he is consumed by a destructive amount of ambition and that his reality is centered upon himself. This same event that brings Macbeth pride causes Malcolm and Macduff to act in frustration and anger as

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