Reality And Truth In Descartes Error, By Antonio Damasio

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Is there any question in the world for which we may have the true answer? Or is there any concept that is so precise that no one should doubt about? Life is about discovering and creating our own pathway and about the opportunity given to us to identify the nature of reality and truth. According to oxfords dictionary truth can be defined as “The true of an actual state of a matter” Truth is not a subjective concept. This means it’s not based upon personal opinions, assumptions, interpretations and beliefs. In fact, truth is theological it is the reality that god has created and defined.

When we were young little kids we used to ask ourselves, and our parents questions every time such as why is the sky blue? Where is god? Why aren’t there
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Emotions are present in our daily lives. The decisions we make are based upon our emotions either angry, sad, happy, frustrated, bored…An emotion is usually short-lived but intense, whereas mood is longer lasting. In most ethical situations, emotions allow us to see the true consequences of our actions. In the book called Descartes’ Error written by Antonio Damasio involves a character called Phineas Gage who was implicated in an accident. This was because, even though his reasoning abilities and intelligence are high, he lacked of emotion. Due to the accident the region of the brain which involves emotion known as the frontal lobe was ruined. Even though this man was very intelligent he didn’t have the ability to detect other people’s emotions. He lacked of it and this resulted negatively in him making the decisions, similarly to the ones that autistic adults make. Due to this, Gage wasn’t capable of knowing the true nature of his actions. On the other hand, emotion determines whether art is beautiful. For example, in Dali’s surrealist drawings; the audience has to combine emotion and sense perception, in order to understand the art and the feelings the artist transmit by looking at the

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