Reality Hurts Our Eyes Essay

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“Reality hurts our eyes, but at least it helps us see clearer when we are blurred by the sight of beautiful lies.” This quotation shows how essential the reality is. A part of the quote which is ‘Reality hurts our eyes’ means that most of us cannot accept easily the reality we encounter in our lives. When we talk about reality, it feels different and unusual because most of us used to lie especially on situations where in we are already cornered and the only thing we do is to lie instead of saying the truth. Even though our physical characteristics are different from our mental and emotional aspects, sometimes what we feel deep inside affects what we feel outside. This part tells us also that, although we can keep into ourselves the truths…show more content…
There are chances wherein I have to tell a lie because I have to protect something for myself. As the day goes by, I feel different whenever I’m with someone I told a lie. And then, there was time when she asked me if there is anything that bothers me, then, I told her the truth, she was hurt, she almost decided to break our ways apart, but then she chose to stay and understand that there is a reason why I have to tell her a lie. I feel that she was very hurt but she chose to understand me, as she said that it’s alright to tell her the truth and hurt her instead of telling a lie and hurt her for a…show more content…
Professors won’t deal with each other to schedule their requirements on their respective subject, so the students will have to bear the work maybe with the same deadline or not. Sometimes my body goes with all the pressure that I have to finish, I got sick, I got drowned on things I have to do. But when I remind myself to laugh, I constantly leave for a while and cheer myself up to strengthen again myself in order to get back on work. I always remind myself that there is nothing that I can do to escape from all the responsibilities, instead, finish it and laugh again

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