Reality In Vanilla Sky

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Our current “reality” can be simply defined as a combination of past decisions – whether good or bad, pleasurable or painful. These decisions are governed by circumstances, which sometimes are outside of our control, but not always. They collectively contribute to the formation of what we see and perceive. But the reality is not always accepted as it presents itself. In fact, many fantasy about a better reality, one with more “good,” depending on how that’s interpreted.
Before I begin this paper, I would like to provide some context by briefly summarizing the movie: The movie “Vanilla Sky” is about the fictional life of David Aames, a powerful and wealthy executive based in New York City, who lives a lavish life, full of carnal pleasures and self-destructive behaviors. His life takes a drastic turn when he survives, although severally disfigured, a car accident provoked by one of his lovers. After a series of different conflicts and difficulties, he discovers he has been living in a fantasy and his apparent reality is not what he thought it was. This is where he must make the decision to
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We can assume, based on what is considered to be rational, that the correct course of action will always be chosen by the individual in question, but not everyone will naturally obey this assumption.
I personally wouldn’t like to be in the same position as David (the protagonist/main character of the movie). If I were confronted with having to decide between taking the “leap of faith,” or reset and continue the Lucid Dream, I would choose the leap of faith. I would make this decision based on the authenticity of these two things. I see the Lucid Dream as deceiving oneself. I think this is some sort of metaphorical mask, employed to hide one’s reality, despite having a perceived benefit that produces pleasure, as in this
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