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Reality shows are among the most exciting and successful forms of TV program today. The different styles and format of these shows have favorably positioned them in the network markets, generating high ratings and large profits. Because they have been tremendously popular TV fare, but how do they portray females? I believe women are depicted as very stereotypical in most reality TV shows.
Today, with its seemingly accurate portrayals of dating, making it in the music business and even testing survival skills, reality television is a huge sector of the entertainment industry. This genre is so massively appealing because it aims to present real people. However, the turn of the century has brought a level of extravagance and falsity into reality
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There are very few reality programs that feature women as the main subject. However, the programs that do portray women do so in an extremely negative light. Apart from being depicted as passive and weak, women are generally much younger and more physically attractive than their male counterparts, displaying them as sex symbols. There is also a prominent theme in reality television that confines women to a home setting which renders that the main female roles exist inside the home. As demonstrated by modern society, women’s functions extend much farther than the limits imposed on them through reality…show more content…
Women are smart, intelligent, hardworking, move makers that can do anything when we put our minds and hearts to it. And the television people seem to have a hard time believing this, as seen all over women are being depicted as dependent and emotional instead of Indpendent and happy with a good job outside of where men want to see us. These RFaelity shows are nothin g all they do is catch your attenyion and fill your mind with different appeals and wants. The shows play on women and emphasize the rush of beginning this search once you have surpassed your early twenties. This cultural lesson is ridiculous, as many women at this age are still in school or focusing on beginning successful careers. This message once again confines women to a stereotype of subservience. Teens and adolescents who regularly view sexually or romantically themed reality shows are more likely to endorse traditional gender roles and stereotypes. These traditional roles limit women to the home and the caring for of children and allow men to be the bread

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