Reality Tv Is The Herald Of Our Destruction Analysis

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I am writing to you regarding the article “Reality TV is the herald of our destruction” by Matthew Osborne. I read your news website every single day when I’m free and find interesting and inspiring articles on it. A few days ago, I found an absurd article that was written by a journalist with very poor understanding of the term ‘reality TV’. The article should have been considerably edited to be publish on the news website. The ideas of reality TV shows are very professional in my opinion. However, the writer talks about how the producers “run out of ideas as an artistic society” on reality TV and insulting famous reality TV shows for being stupid. The biased article with poor understanding astounded me. Reality TV shows are a main source of entertainment to the world and people who finds it stupid will still watch it because it is stupidly funny or entertaining. Some reality TV shows might even help us in the future in our adult life. I was not exactly prepared for the responsibilities of adult life, but I wasn't completely naïve either. Thanks to hours of…show more content…
Matthew Osborne is suppose to maintain a neutral tone when he was trying to show the negative aspect of reality TV. When Matthew Osborne tries to tell information about reality TV, it sounded very offensive to the overall community and the viewers as well. This is all due to the words like: “jackasses”, “screwed up”, “garbage”, “deplorable”, “despicable”. All these offensive words should be forbid from the audience of the news website. By using these horrible abusing statements can influence the readers to decide which side they are on without knowing the true details about it. The writer manipulates the audience emotions rather than using valid logic to win an argument or to persuade them into supporting the statement he is
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