Reality Television: Negative Impacts On Teenagers

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Reality Television: Negative Impacts on Teenagers Reality is a television program which is not scripted and act by ordinary people or celebrities. "It is designed to sell products, to entertain and to provide viewers with the feeling that they are seeing what occurs behind closed doors. (Barton 8)" The popularity of reality television in America increasing among teenagers '. This type of shows is the best platform to advertise certain type of person into the mind of confused youth. Reality stars ' affects daily conversations, fashion, make up style, body type, attitude, even the speaking accent of teens. This tremendous influence can and is used to change the way of talking, walking, thinking… of an entire generation. Furthermore; reality culture is creating norms of attitude, beauty standards, and a platform to be included for both female and male teenagers. Firstly; the attitude of reality stars such as; bullying, swearing, and fighting has negative impacts on the audience. Especially if the audience is under-aged. In an interview with CNN, Phycologist Sarah Coyne said "Research shows in the short term our own concepts of aggression are activated in the brain when we watch these shows, and we are primed to behave…show more content…
These negative impacts can interfere with the healthy growth of teenagers. The only concern of a teenager should be educating their self, to start to make sense about the world and the country they live in. This kind of shows is coming in between the education of teens. Not only the education but teenagers start stressing about their self-image and how they look. This shows not only spend their time for nothing but put pressure on teens to illustrate how to survive in the real-life reality. Reality shows create a fictional platform of bullies, teen moms and standard type of people where teenagers want to be included and accepted
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