Reality Television: The Negative Effects Of Reality Shows

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How many of you watch or have watched a reality show like Keeping up with the Kardashians or Duck Dynasty? How much of that show do you think was real and unscripted? Were you offended about things that might have been said or done? Reality shows are having a negative impact on all people. If people don’t stop being consumed by these types of shows then our society will lose its morals or have a messed up version of morals.
Research shows that reality television has a negative impact on children. According to Bliss (2017), “Children have been shown to suffer from ill effects from watching reality television.” An example of this is when Bliss (2017) says, “Certain shows like Fear Factor that feature participants involved in disgusting or dangerous
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Peek (2014) says, “Despite the obvious poor behavior and bad decision making in shows like Jersey Shore the popularity of these shows continue to grow.” Just about every teenager probably watches or has watched a reality tv show. Peek (2014) also says, “Many reality shows depict women idealizing beauty and thinness, giving the impression that a woman’s value is based on her appearance, and that popularity is derived from beauty.” Almost every teenage girl cares about her appearance. These shows don’t tell these girls that beauty comes from the inside as well and that there are people who do and will like them for who they truly…show more content…
because it’s entertaining, relatable, and interactive with its audiences. Much of reality t.v. show people doing stupid things or acting horribly without any or little consequences. As well as showing solutions or being truly sorry about their actions. Girls in reality shows like Jersey Shore and Keeping Up With the Kardashians care a lot, way too much about their appearance. Which can make any woman or girl watching make them feel insecure about how they look and even go out and pay tons of money for plastic surgery. On the other side of that it could also make women want to improve how they look and their bodies in a more healthy way by eating healthier and exercising. Overall people need to quit trying to be like these reality t.v. stars/actors and be their own person. We all need to be thankful for who we are, live life to the fullest, and take care of

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