How Does Reality Tv Affect Society

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Shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians , and Love and Hip-Hop” are a bad influence on our kids and young adults in today’s society.It shows a bad role model and a bad mentor.” Reality Tv is a big, diverse medium of course: some of its raunchy,some of it ugly,some obnoxius…”states James Poniewozik, author of “ Why Reality Tv is the New family Tv”. Also, kids watch inapproprite reality tv shows,and also get their friends to watch and that can cause a bad figured.No parent wants their child being on their worst behavior infront of anyone.The only reality shows that are suitable is dancing shows.Such as “Dance Moms,” and “Bring it,”.It shows little girls who are dancers.It can be a good show for dancers outside of the show to show how they
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