Reality Tv Persuasive Essay

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There are many kids around the world that are in reality TV today. They get followed around by people with cameras throughout their life so that the people watching it can be entertained. There are famous kids that are on reality TV like Honey Boo Boo, and others that have been on reality TV for most of their life. Clearly, I believe that it is harmful for a reality TV show to be filmed at my school because it can stress out kids and it can decrease their privacy. Firstly, I have read that kids are being put under tremendous pressure in reality TV. When kids are in a reality TV competition, there are horrible outcomes that can happen. In a video “Should kids be banned from reality TV?” by the HLN network, they explain that the reality TV competitions…show more content…
When a child does not have privacy, it can reveal the embarrassing moments of them on TV. According to the article “Should Kids Be on Reality TV?” by Justin O’Neill, child psychiatrist Dr. Allison Baker states, “experiencing public humiliation like Rachel did may damage one’s self-esteem.” These facts reveal that when cameras follow you every day, they can capture something about you which causes other kids to laugh about. When everyone is making fun of this child who did something embarrassing, it can cause the kid to feel miserable about themselves. This child would also not have enough confidence in him or herself anymore because people believe that the kid is just a joke in this society, and is not worthy enough to do anything. Furthermore, children at school are being followed by cameras all day. According to Bob Kastigar blog post “Reality TV Cameras Pick Up The Struggles of Von Steuben High Girls” in the EveryBlock website, he explains, “Unlike their peers, 10 of those students at the North Side magnet school were followed by TV cameras throughout their high-school tenure. Thousands of hours of footage have been distilled into eight episodes of ‘High School Confidential,’ starting its second season at 8 p.m. Wednesday on WE tv.” This evidence explains that children cannot do anything exciting in their lives anymore because cameras are chasing them all day, wherever the child goes. The cameras
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