Reality Vs Reality In Macbeth

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What is reality? Where does it exist? Who defines it? What may be very real to you may be entirely different to someone else. Does reality need to be objective and exist in the outside world, or can it be subjective and exist within the mind? In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth we are presented with a very convoluted universe revolving around the main character Macbeth, a man who seems to be at first of honor but slowly slips into a chasm of cruelty. While he was pushed by outer forces such as Lady Macbeth and the Weird Sisters to attain power and sink further into darkness, it can be argued that everything actually stemmed from him. While he may have appeared to others in one way as an honorable noble who was worthy of leading the country, his inner thoughts hidden away from the rest of the world drive him down a very dark path. With such dual and conflicting natures this ultimately breaks Macbeth until the facade that he put on begins to crack and fall away, showing the face of the “true villain”. Although we are not introduced to Macbeth until Act I Scene 3, there is some information revealed about him beforehand. The otherworldly witches that kick off the production set a surreal tone to the entire play opening the universe to the supernatural, speaking in their double language, and saying that famous line “Fair is foul and foul is fair”[1] sets the course for a major theme that appears throughout the play. But in relation to all of this they mention Macbeth and how

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