Perception Vs Reality

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Picture this. You are walking to school and felt in a lazy mood, so you just wore sweatpants and a big, comfy t-shirt. Then, you begin to walk around school feeling like people are staring at you wondering, “Why is that kid wearing their pajamas to school?” Your perception is that people are judging you, but in reality, most people don’t really care. This is perception and reality. The concept of perception and reality isn’t trustworthy because perception can easily lie to you, while reality is harder to find or realize. Don’t believe whatever you see! Just seeing something can’t prove that it’s true, but a lot of people just see and believe by default. To begin with, Julian Beever, who specializes in pavement chalk art, creates 2D drawings…show more content…
Mrs. Stevenson, a worried wife, tries to call her husband, for it was already so late and he didn’t come home from work. The setting took place in 1943 when telephone service was on wires and operators retrieved your calls for you. Mrs. Stevenson was brought to the wrong line and overheard about a murder that was going to happen that night in the area where she lived. Of course, Mrs. Stevenson begins to freak out and calls the police. The police said that she didn’t have to worry and they would take care of it unless she was the one planned to be murdered. Her response to this was, “Oh no-I hardly think so. I mean-why should anybody?...the only other person is my husband Elbert. He’s crazy about me-adores me,” (Fletcher 8). As you can see in this situation, Mrs. Stevenson thinks that she won’t be killed since her perception is that everyone loves her and no one would want to kill her. However, in reality, it’s the complete opposite and she wasn’t prepared for her planned murder, which sadly, did occur. Based on these reasons, do not trust perception and reality. It can lead to one doing something unreasonable or unwise. Just because someone perceives something will be one way, doesn’t mean it’s true in reality. Perception is what regular human beings jump straight to when they see something. Reality is realized later by people. The next time you’re
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