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This news frame by ABC news is called “Federal prosecutors suggest reality winner harbored dark thoughts”. Michael Strahan grasps the audience’s attention by saying, “Explosive new claims against Reality Winner. The 25-year-old government contractor accused of leaking top secret documents.” Continuing, he introduces Brian Ross, who is a nation-wide renowned investigative reporter. Although Winner had a high level security clearance as a government contractor, the public only knew of her fitness life that she posted of online. Even though Winner has physical strength, she lacks in mental strength. A federal prosecutor in Augusta, Georgia said that she displayed dark thoughts. Proof of this includes a note found at her home, which says she wants the White House to be burned down. Following, Richard Clarke, a former national security official, spoke on the issue. He says that government contractors are given high security clearance and are not subject to…show more content…
Beginning, the news frame opens with Reality Winner’s chilling hand written note saying, “I want to burn the White House down.” Before she was arrested at her home, Winner wrote the sentence in a notebook according to Federal Prosecutors. Ultimately, Winner allegedly leaked classified information voluntarily to an online site. Also, Winner is alleged of stealing a number of other top secret documents and a flash drive containing other high profile national secrets. As one of many reasons, that is why the judge has denied Winner bail. While in jail, Winner called her mom and said, “Mom, those documents. I screwed up.” Prosecutors expressed that Winner had desires to meet Taliban leaders, create a burner email and use the dark web. While speaker to her sister, Winner expressed that she would cry in court to gain sympathy. As of late, Winner stands by her not guilty
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