'Rear Window And'shadow Of The Doubt'

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auteur əʊˈtəː,ɔː-/ noun a film director who influences their films so much that they rank as their author.

There are distinctive similarities between all Hitchcock Films, some of the being voyeurism, falling, transference of guilt, food and death. There are two Hitchcock films that are going to be the main focus for this piece of writing, ‘Rear Window’ (1954) and ‘Shadow of the doubt’ (1943).

Alfred Hitchcock’s distinctive style can be seen in both movies. Young Charlie (shadow of the doubt) and L.B Jefferies are both similar, in which they are both trapped. L.B Jefferies is bedridden throughout the film, so he is trapped and can 't move about. After discovering the truth about her Uncle Charlie, young Charlie is trapped and cannot escape her dreaded uncle. Both L.B Jefferies and Uncle Charlie have scenes where they fall, Jefferies get pushed out his own window and Uncle Charlie gets accidentally pushed out
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There was only one Mcguffin in Rear Window, the flower bed. L.B Jefferies, Stella and Lisa Fremont suspected that there was a possible buried body underneath the flowers. They came to this conclusion because of the neighbor 's dog digging into the flowers, also the flowers looked like they were dug up and replanted. Stella and Lisa at night time, both went to the flower bed and found nothing, making it the Mcguffin. In Shadow of a Doubt, there were two Mcguffins, the newspaper article about the ‘Merry Widow Murderer’ and the ring that Uncle Charlie gave to young Charlie. The ring was never handed into police or used against Uncle Charlie. Even though the ring was a clear piece of evidence that helped young Charlie figure out that her Uncle was the killer, that was its only use in the film, and it made the plot of the story move forward. Same with the newspaper article, it wasn 't brought back up throughout the film, it was merely there to keep the plot moving
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