Movie Analysis: The Rear Window

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In the film, Rear Window, the director uses, panning shots, perspective shots, and framing to illustrate being aware to surroundings help the understanding of life. To know about the surrounding events will prevent blindsides that life decides to throw, and so the possible opportunities won't go unnoticed. The use of panning shots from the character's perspective portrays the “big picture” and knowing how all the little pieces fit into the big scheme of life. The perspective shots give a more detailed and personal perspective of what is currently being focused on, and sometimes tunnel visioned occurs where a narrow path restricts the vision of the big picture. Framing also contributes to the focus on the finer details on different aspects of…show more content…
Jeff focused on just the Thorwald’s apartment for the majority of the movie because of the disappearance of his wife, and this has given Jeff more details of Mr. Thorwald’s whereabouts. He knew where Thorwald would put something, when he would make calls, and what he would pack a suitcase, and these are just some of the aspects that Jeff was able to get more information about. In addition, the conflict between Jeff and Thorwald with the camera flashes, was another scene where the perspective gave an image of how the interpretation between the two characters were different but important to see the the different angles. Like only knowing one side of a story, the understanding of life will be unclear if there is only one perspective used. When multiple perspectives are added to the mix, there will be a clearer picture of how life is understood and most enjoyable. The ability to see from different perspectives and pan the big picture are two aspects that give almost the entire understanding of life, but framing the perspective of a shot will give the cherry on top for completing the entire…show more content…
When looking through the binoculars, there is a small circle that frames the shot and focuses just on the Thorwald’s when they just started to quarrel. The sick wife started to get angry with her husband and Jeff is able to see them through the window. He also sees that the next day the bed is empty and Thorwald is putting her belongings into a trunk, has her purse with a necklace and wedding ring. These details were crucial to Jeff and Lisa figuring out this case and getting justice for Mrs. Thorwald, and were only possible to the tight framing of the detail on the window. The view of the big picture of how life is going and where is is heading, the view of the different parts of the big picture and how they affect each other are close to understanding, but to know the more specific ways the actions taken effect each of the different areas in life is ultimately how the puzzle of life is
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