Rear Window Language Analysis

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Texts depicted in Crime Writing explore the notions of audience engagement with the use of morphing conventions to create new subgenres of crime writing that reveal context, values adherent and the nature of character 's attitudes that reflect significant universal human core values. 'Rear Window ' directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 'Joe Cinque 's Consolation ' written by Helen Garner, ‘Anil’s Ghost’ composed by Michael Ondaatje and 'Sword Art Online ' produced by Tomohiko Ito, display testimony 's of contextual form and an emergence of Avant Garde. This is used through film and literary techniques to convey momentous ideas with the exploration of what truth, love and justice is, humanity 's inhumanity and what constitutes a detective or crime…show more content…
The strong influential characteristics of a strong female and what constitutes the role of a detective are similarly evident in the novel, ‘Anil’s Ghost’ written by Michael Ondaatje, 2000. The story follows the life of Anil Tesseria, a Sri Lankan anthropologist who is a part of the Human Rights Investigation. She is determined to discover the identity of a burned skeleton of in the civil war and bring justice to all of the nameless victims of the horrific war. Anil’s characterisation by Ondaatje has been executed stupendously as she upholds a strong female character that stands up for what she believes in until she is proven wrong. Anil displays significant values of her civil war affect context as she is believes she is being mentally disrupted due to the deaths and crime of war. “The skeleton I had was evidence of a certain kind of crime. One victim can speak for many victims.” (pg. 275) - Anil believed the civil war were a horrific crime due to murderous soldiers that killed their own human kind for the government. The notion of war being described as a crime is an explication of how Ondaatje revolts against conventional crime writing and portrays the historical fiction subgenre within his novel. Anil conveys strong feminist values that shape her personality. For example; the action of her buying her brother’s name Anil and the sexual favours she suggested, displays her sheer determination to achieve her goals and to expose the weaker trait of males. The determination of the audience’s response is used with of slight lack of closure to this novel. The lack of closure of the end crime texts is a popular literary technique used to demand the audience to determine the fate of the characters, this convention was used in the 50’s and early 60’s. The author, Ondaatje holds onto some conventions of crime writing, but also departs from them dramatically with the use of his post-modernist perspective of writing. In relation to our core of humanity, Ondaatje
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