Rear Window Movie Analysis

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Movie Analysis Student’s Name Institution Date Movie Analysis Rear Window The movie “Rear Window” (1954), directed by Hitchcock presents a distinct view of the world, and how both men and women fit in. The movie was shot and released during a time when there were recurring elements associated with gender roles. The men were represented as damaged beings seeking help, while the women were represented as caregivers. Women were interested in love but the men viewed them as hungry for status, money, or success. Men were also presented as reluctant to taking action, until they got pressed by the women’s desire to solve the mystery. Hitchcock presents the basic roles for both men and women in the movie Rear Window. The women are presented as sexually appealing objects. For instance, this is seen in Miss Torso’s dressing, which can be described as scanty and revealing. The movie also stresses the idea of superficial beauty in women, which make them more desirable by men. This is also used to solve a murder in the film, where Lisa Fremont argues that a woman cannot leave the house without her makeup. The audience in this case is led to believe that Mrs. Thorwald never left the house as her favorite handbag and jewelry…show more content…
The movie can be categorized in a distinct Western genre that entails a male hero, violent conflicts, and an indefinite resolution. The movie entails two-dimensional characters with their roles varying according to their gender. The men in the movie are granted all the power and are in control over the women, who are represented as stupidly submissive. For instance, Martha tends to snap at anyone who says anything inappropriate. Lucy is dumb as she is seen lighting a lamp while the Injuns are right outside. Marty also kicks his wife down the hill, which makes Ethan
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