Essay On Rearing Children

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Rearing child in authoritative way
Most adolescents grow up with parents’ cares in Hong Kong. When children who are pure and innocent know nothing about this world, parents teach their children the right values and positive attitude towards life in various ways. Some parents believe that the childhood is the most obedient period which is best time to rear their daughters and sons, therefore, they are used to adapting authoritative parenting style which means reasonably demanding and responsive to children for the sake of motivating children excel in different aspects in future. In this essay, I will discuss how self-esteem can be boosted the great career prospect can be guaranteed.
Authoritative parents always raise adolescents with good condition
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Working independence and academic excellence are the superiority in career prospect. As the authoritative parents, being strict and harsh to children because they usually believe that it is essential to foster a habit since childhood what people are having the best time of learning new knowledge. Obeying rules and regulations is the property of young adolescents due to the fear of blaming, which only enables them to listen to authoritative parents to do and learn with no doubts. When adolescents are not fulfilling the expectation, strict parents may try to give them recommendations replacing giving up in order to push them forwards. Youngsters with low autonomy usually attempt to access the goal the parents destine until winning recognition. Yet, gradually, most of them can become automatically perfectionists who pursue flawlessness without parenting. Development of self-enhancing in children growing up in authoritative way is much better than the children neglected. ( Aunola, Stattin & Nurmi, 2000 ) Notwithstanding the face that elder adolescents get used to following their parents’ indication because of lack of experience in prioritizing, they have autotomy during the continuous practices that they are able to foster new routines and develop new abilities independently. Excepting independence of working, academic achievement is also a concern to employers.
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