Reason: A Form Of Human Reason

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Reason is a form of human trait to give an explanation or a justification about a certain behaviour or event. It is also the ability of the human mind to think, understand and form judgements logically. There are 2 types of reasoning; deductive and inductive reasoning. Deductive and inductive reasoning are based on logical arguments. A deductive argument is when both premises are true that provides strong support for its conclusion, which would then be illogical for the conclusion to be false while an inductive argument is when both the premises are true and are supposed to support the conclusion, it is debatable that the conclusion would be false. The truth here is a statement of fact while trust is a firm belief and reliance on the integrity of a person or a thing, that is being earned over time. As both Science knowledge and History knowledge are subjects that has earned people’s trust in the reasons they justify, with formulas, evidences and first hand experiences, scientist and historians have shown evidence and through the passing of time, people naturally trust and belief that these historians and scientist have proven their theorem and the world’s history. Due to these evidences that scientists and historians have been giving, most of the people in today’s world trust the reasoning of each theorem and past events, which made us be so advanced in technology and also not repeating the same mistakes, learning from the past. History is subjective as it is recorded by
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