Argument Essay: Reason As A Way Of Reasoning

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We as human beings are born with challenges which in certain ways test us and also makes us stronger. Throughout history, ethicists have used reasoning to develop and justify the moral structures. Since the beginning of history reasoning has been used a literary device and has always done the job. Although others may disagree with other forms of knowing it may have flaws in regard to reason.reasoning is an analytical form of knowing, it has strengths such as accuracy and specification, while other forms may have flaws of bias and accuracy, which can affect a way of knowing. It is easy to understand that emotion, imagination and other ways of knowing will hardly solve any ethical dilemma. For instance, let's say the criminal or investigating cases that occur every day around the world. For example, sexual assault/misconduct has been the highlights of news stories in the US, Identifying criminals through emotional, imagination, faith,and intuition, is just morally wrong. Some recent cases of sexual assault accusations/misconduct were our former president Donald Trump was accused of multiple charges of convicting…show more content…
“The reason needs to be logical as it is necessary that it should not only give an answer to the question but the specific and relevant answer”("Reason As A Way Of Knowing Philosophy Essay."). now that we have broken down the term reason as a way of knowing we can evaluate how logical and ethical it maybe, which must be specific to an extent and not irrelevant to the answer. By acknowledging many perspective of how reason has a strength of adding logic to work as it has a logical way of knowing,. this is a strength that is more dominant to reason than other ways of knowing is because it's efficient which gives the receiver the correct form of

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