Reason For Drunk Driving

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There are numerous reasons for drinking and driving with prior DWI convictions, and those reasons are probably influenced by a large number of situational, biographical and psychological factors.
In the questionnaire of this research paper, 40 participants were asked why they drunk but still decided to take a drive. It was surprisingly that many of them thought it was not a big deal. Many people pretend to know their limit but actually they do not. They often have an exaggerated idea of how much alcohol they can tolerate without impairing their driving. Every day there are several drivers who get caught by the police in spite of their belief that just a few cup of drinks doesn’t matter and it cannot affect their driving ability. Another answer
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So they risk an arrest or a crash. The other participant would say that everyone else is too drunk. Sometimes their friends are too hammered to drive and just buzzed, so they become their designated driver. Another excuse is that it’s a holiday, and holiday means relaxing after busy weeks. It’s one of those weekends when they’ve been warned that hordes of people are on the roads, and plenty of people will have been imbibing before getting behind the wheel. So what’s the harm? Who’s going to spot you among all those drunk drivers on the highway? In addition, you’d planned on catching a drive with a sober friend after hanging out together, but there are six of you and there is just one designated driver, so you offer to be the second driver in spite of your BAC. Another reason is that they have to be early to work. they wouldn’t…show more content…
Some participants said they were unable to cope with life problems and handle stress, or they were not good at solving problems. One participant believed stress and financial problems have caused many accidents related to alcohol. He talked about having marital problems when he got drunk and drove away for the first time. Some participants show an incapability or unwillingness to consider current behavior patterns or see alternatives. Some would not or could not access alternative measures (don’t drink, take a taxi, call someone) to avoid DWI. The most common reason given was that, at the time, they thought they were still in control and would be able to drive home safely. The thought of using alternative measures did not enter their minds, or they were unable to accurately assess and deal with the situation in life. About one-quarter of the study participants spoke of “personal support structure” (family, boy/girlfriend, etc.) which had a great impact on their lives. Family members seemed to have the most positive effect on altering DWI behavior or drinking patterns. (Newly married with a six month old baby influenced one man not to drink, being pregnant stopped several of the women, and one man said his mother and a counselor helped him to “start a new life.”) Interestingly, friends were rarely mentioned as having an effect on stopping drinking
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